My name is Marco Vignali and I am the latest member of my family responsible for the running of Bar Remo. 

I started working in my family’s company business at a very early age and immediately took to the world of catering. I enjoy being able to interact and provide the type of service that encourages people to regularly return and, together with my Bar Remo team, we strive on continuing to improve. 

The previous four Bar Remo sites became most successful over the years and, having worked in all of the locations, I fee honoured to be a contributing factor in their triumph.

The one Bar Remo that is still part of the family business is based in Princes Street, a central London location and just a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus. This restaurant currently caters for 400 customers on average every day and is considered an institution in the surrounding area. Bar Remo is currently ranked 150th of 20,000 London restaurants with over 93% of reviews above very good and 65% are excellent. 

Here’s to our continuing success!Family-run by the Vignali family for over 90 years,we pride ourselves on a warm and friendly welcome to all of our customers andthe high quality of our authentic Italian food. 

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